Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Your Momsicles

All you raging hotheads, look no further, you've found a friend in Je Suis Saves. You've also, apparently, found one of those annoying characters who like to refer to themselves not only a lot but in the third person, too. I join Queen Elizabeth, Charles Barkley, and Bill Gates' third under-secretary with that select trait (third-person referencing, that is, as opposed to power-mongering in the post-colonial world—Barkley, I'm looking at you on this one). But I'm farther off track than Boss Hogg off the Hazzard boys. Hey, I just threw that reference in for some ironic hick appeal—Cowboy Troy gets me. Gitchoosome!

Whatever! I was saying that the hotheads didn't have to look any further for cool-down pals since I just whipped up some cold icy refreshing did-I-say-your-momsicles! No! Popsicles! Why has this idea, this act, never struck me ere now? I was never a popsicle-thoughted boy, never popsicle inclined before. But I've randomed up some coconut milk, puréed myself some cherries, schooled down some bananas and lime juice and you know what? Life isn't going to be as sucky as it could have been before now. My days shall be refreshed. Life is going to be popsicled.

Tomorrow evening, three puns. And after that, a NEW BOOK-REVIEW! Yay!

Reading: Moby-Dick + Herman Melville
Listening: "I Guess You Already Married A Japanese Banker, Though" + Anders Lövgren
Anders says "Sweden is a country full of pretentious quasi-poets with too much free time." Who knew?

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