Thursday, December 21, 2006

Gloria In Excelsis Deo

To the readers who didn't stop checking back, thank-you. Specially to that large block from the Indonesia-ish area, and all les habitants from New England. Anonymous to anonymous, thank-you. It has been a long hiatus here in internet-land, but, as you know, or perhaps don't, I have no regular access to a computer. Not for foolishness like a blog, at least. Well, that situation should be fixed after Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, merry ones all round. Merry Christmas to C, and Merry Christmas to P and L, to mom, and dad, and to The House Of Mirth, and Merry Christmas S and C and S and K and G, and J, too. Merry Christmas to the kitten, and to the picture of QEII on my bedroom wall. Merry Christmas to that cold snap in November, and Merry Christmas to getting my street cleaned of snow. Merry Christmas to going to the movies during the holidays, to strange candy and German pretzels, to good music and laughing under yellow lamps in that little room on 111 Street. Language fails, even Latin fails. Christmas carols for everyone, Merry Christmas to you all.