Thursday, June 09, 2005

Moxie + Doxy

Then there was the time I said, "Are you kidding me?" Moxy Früvous was on the radio, you see. Which is strange, because you never hear the Moxy anymore (well, they're just too raging ridiculous, aren't they?), and, very importantly, highwaystyle or partydown, my girlfriend's car is country country country all the way. Sure, but Crystal thought I'd said something else. The conversation ended unexpectedly:

JSS: I am too using my words correctly! I don't make up words! OK, well, sometimes I make up words.

Criddle: You can't just make up a word! What if I called those lights over there twittles? That's a really bright twittle over there, isn't it?

JSS: That's a BRILLIANT word!

Reading: The Trail of Fü Manchu + Sax Rohmer
Listening: "Taxidriver" + My Darling You

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