Thursday, June 16, 2005

Pompeii Under Vesuvius

Blonde-haired girls hold up SLOW signs, unshaven men in orange vests prod each other with spades, dusty trucks full of mysterious equipment steampunk slowly around the city. It's road-repair season again, and the summer construction crews are out in full force, not all of them in the city. Notice some of the changes on this page? I've been tweaking around for a bit, nervously adjusting the ul-lists of links in the sidebar. So exasperating. I want those link lists to look like the sidebars on Stilts or Wannabe Hipster, and I'm cheating all over the page to make it happen, but it's not. Happening, that is. Look at that junk in the archives! I don't know what's going on, my page has more ancient artifacts buried in it than Pompeii under Vesuvius. I so wish I actually knew html. Que sera, though, right? Enough already.

Elsewhere, there's two extremely checkable blogs, one of which has kindly linked me. I therefore love her. Plus, her page has a green background! Very soothing. So go to Lemon Life in the links for some excellent words on office life, state politics, and Katie Holmes. And careful, cause if you don't love her, I'll beat you with this soggy blog.

The other site just started up, and it's a hungry link, apparently Starving In The Belly Of A Whale. I've known this kid for years, and it still surprises me that his middle name is Xavier. So exotic! So give DX a call on the links to the right. Lookout, though, he's a biter, a bitter man if there ever was one. Too many years in the cave, DX, too many years in the cave.

Reading: The French Revolution + Thomas Carlyle (yeah, I'm back on the horse)
Listening: Trådlös Sewingmachine + 50hertz

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