Friday, June 17, 2005

Good Will Mathlete

Good God, you should have seen my first draft for this post. Ended with the grey general ruin of all things good and not good. See, I work at 7am today. 7 to 11 in St Albert, then the #205 to West Edmonton for the 12 to 6 shift. And, you know, sometimes I try not to hate my life. Sometimes I clip along and accomplish many futile tasks. Too easy to let casual plans be swallowed up by past mistakes, right? Come on! That was last night, not this morning! Today, there is a casual brightness to all things. There is a glowing, and the clouds are very white in the sky, like video-game clouds in Super Mario Allstars when I worked out my fascination with Princess Peach by making her my marionette and drowning her in the waterfalls everytime. K, now I'm using anti-social tendencies (read: quite disturbing behaviour) to mask my wretched skills at that game, when, in fact, I just plain sucked. K, I sucked at every game (except Tic-Tac-Toe! Yeah! And Duck Hunt! Yeah!).

If I'd been better with numbers I could have been the biggest mathlete of them all.

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