Friday, March 10, 2006

Your Trusty Five-shooter

No content need apply. Lately—like, the past six months, my desperadoes—I have been really interested in les photoblogs. We've all got favourites, of course, and I'm going to list a few of mine. 1) daily dose of imagery has been huge ever since getting a picture printed in the National Post (but even before). I love the combination of absolute professionalism and candid imagery in Toronto-based Sam Javanrouh's shots. Maybe the best photoblog on the net, right now. 2) istoicaEVERYDAY is run by Jessica and Chris, students and couple from the University of Toronto. The site's emphasis, lately, is on portrait photography, of which they are masters. Every shot is wonderful. 3) Absenter, out of Chicago, was the first photoblog I ever paid serious attention to, and everyone else should, too. His shots are mostly landscapes with an often eerie touch. Chicago can be pretty grim. Love that one shot of the projects at night. 4) Matt O'Sullivan, at the narrative, shoots portraits almost exclusively. They can be formal but are more often not. After ddoi, his site is the one I probably visit the most. 5) Locally and lastly, but surely not least, Iraleigh Anderson at iralee focus his lens on bands, scenery, and college projects with his Edmonton-accented website. His photography is often a little grittier than most, deliberately so, I believe, and he's got some wonderful shots of the human eye on his site which have to be seen to be believed. Best of all, I think, or most enjoyable, are his shots of the audience at various shows around town. His shot of a dancing couple is a treasure.

So, if anyone one wants to start a site des photos with me, let's do it! You bring the hi-tech camera, the tripod, the photo-finding car, okay? And I'll bring some Camera Obscura, my untiring legs and some photo-busting attitude. Done!

In other news, sorry about the erratic posting-ness, and the lack of demonstrable interest in books or music. I'm still interested in those things, but I'm also very busy. Over the week-end, I might publish a little something, but maybe not, unforch. Oh, well. Have a good week-end. Lucky bugs win prizes.

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