Friday, March 17, 2006

I'm Looking Over A Four-leaf Clover / That I Overlooked Before

This no-posting is out of control. But I've been surfing the cold green sea on the back of a trusty dolphin and—no, there's no imaginary excuse good enough for a week without posting. My apologies. Happy St. Patrick's Day, by the way. And, also, this is the day that C and I have been together for two years, I can hardly believe it! There aren't words.

Back to business on Monday, okay? I watched V For Vendetta last night, so some lines on that, and I'm reading I Am Legend, which is fantastic, and I came up with a new idea for a novel—that's a whole post on its own—and what about Shout Out Out Out Out? Yeah, what about them, dammit? Also, Kudu released its shark-bait yesterday, and it's awesome, so mp3s later. Have a good week-end, then. Lucky bugs win prizes.

Wait, seriously, istoicaEVERYDAY is killing right now, yesterday's post especially, and today's post, too, so check it out, check it out. Beautiful shots, beautiful people.

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