Wednesday, March 01, 2006

"It's The ICA," He Said, And Disappeared

Hipsters are going to be saying that The Yeah Yeah Yeahs have lost their edge, thus demonstrating classic hipster-ignorance of good music in favour of classic hipster-insecurity. "Image compromise alert!" their tiny cortexes will bleat, as they fear losing their piecemeal identities to newly-popular culture. There will be only one response when someone sneers that Karen O has bailed out on her new tunes. You must pull your left shoulder toward them, let your right shoulder quickly drop, ball your right hand into a fist and punch them hard in the middle of their faces. Plus, if they're attractive, maybe Jiffy-marker your digits on their forehead while they're out. Okay?

In other news, I saw a bunch of the Disney Channel yesterday, and it blew chunks. Even the cat was bored. However, like everything bad, there was some don't-mess-with-me good mixed into the mess. Kim Possible is a seriously hot line-drawing. Just my observations, here, folks, nothing else to see. Move along if you wish to, the tour guide has lots of other stuff lined up and his microphone is slim and silver.

"Magnetic Strip" + controller.controller In honour of the ticket in my pocket for their show tonight, here's a little number off the new cd by the awkwardly-named collective from Toronto. I love the band's name, actually, but, MAN! is that sucker hard to get busy with. Everyone is so inconsistent on the spelling, I've seen all kinds. I'm giving you the writing on the packaging here, though, so rest easy, acronym-collectors, I'm not even going to try to break you with anything original on this band's punctuation.

Old stuff versus new stuff. I liked the old stuff better, it seemed punchier to me, but I've got nothing against the new. Just like the old, it needs more voice, but whatevs.The music doesn't need to be talked about here, we've all heard it before, low dirty basements and some pretty sweet rave moments here and there (man, I can't believe the crap I write sometimes—""sweet rave moments"?). I hope I get there in time to see You Say Party! We Say Die! because the mp3s in the old pc seem like nice hard-edged pop, like Metric dressed up rock-style. But, whatevs, it'll be a good show, I'm certain.

Maybe it would be better if I brought along some glowsticks.

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