Wednesday, March 08, 2006


"Je Suis Saves", the name, is over, just words on a t-shirt, now. The name was never mine, I can't take credit for it. I read the name on a Singaporean blog a little more than a year ago. A certain commenter had wanted to start a band and call it, I believe, Je Suis Rock Band. The band's first album would be titled Je Suis Saves. I read that pun and instantly fell in love with it. I still love it. But I'm tired of using it as a name. If you see some skinny guy with long lanky hair wearing a t-shirt that says "Je Suis Saves", give him a punch in the shoulder or something, and I'll say hello, but that's as far as the name is going these days. Or why not make your own t-shirt? Threadless should get all over this, I swear. If they can print shirts showing two cars crashing into each other and letters spelling out "ctrl-z", there is no way a multi-layered pun like "JSS" could escape favourable attention. Future millionaires take note: I'm throwing down ideas here, get your pencils out and start jotting. Cut me in on the gross and we'll all make money.

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