Monday, October 03, 2005

Only Connect

What I like is to walk through those revolving doors into that bookstore and find exactly what I'm looking for and then skip onto the bus as it rolls to a stop on Whyte Ave, and then trek down those stairs and escalators underneath HUB in time to catch the LRT, which rolls to a bing-bing stop as I step off the last step of that moving stair, and then climb more steps to find the 202 bus pulling into the lane on its way to Grant Macewan, which is where I went today. Same feeling as flagging every green light on the main drag through St. Albert. Same feeling as putting the ball through the net three times in a row (for me, that's huge). As usual, Browning calls the case, and all's right with the world. Sometimes, I get so happy, I need a little misery just to realize how happy I am.

Reading and Listening in three or four hours. Right, so the only available computer was down for about twelve hours there. Seems a little awkward to post Reading and Listening in this old post, now, specially when I've got newer stuff happening. Who puts new wine in old bottles? I'm just going to move on.

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