Friday, September 30, 2005

The Good Times, They're Always Coming Back

Congratulations to her, because she succeeded, of course, just like I said she would, even though she thought she wouldn't. Congratulations, because she's kept her head through some terrible times, very sad days. Because when other people would have folded, she remained standing. Because when other people crashed and could not help crashing, she kept flying. She never thinks highly of herself, never gives herself an even break, or an uneven, or a break at all. Never realizes how personal and funny and warm-around-the-edges she can make anyone feel. Because she's stylish. Because she's tall. Because she's a fighter, and funny, and loses her temper, likes Lemony Snicket and speaks pretty good French. Because she owns that Will Smith album. Because she's dragged that unopened Monopoly game through two apartments and more. Because she basically blew off the bassist from controller.controller. Because she loves her cat. And loves me. And lets me love her. Congratulations, girl. You know why.

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