Friday, October 28, 2005

The Rave Scene

Just heard last night that The Raveonettes are coming to town, supposedly on the fifteenth. I was so surprised, I let my goldfish drown. This is a problem. Not the goldfish—I've got others, and with prettier fins, too. See, I've got a smaller budget than the specialty-bird-store down the street (wait—is that right? that doesn't seem right), and I've got old Father Time curb-stomping my skinny schedule just about every week. The news is, and it's old news now, Broken Social Scene is also coming—two days after The Raveonettes! Godsake! This is why you don't offer the kids more than one flavour of ice-cream. Chocolate, and that's it. I've never seen BSS live, but what are the chances of another pair of Danish fashion spreads coming through Edmonton again? Dammit. More news Monday, with a proper-done Reading and Listening.

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