Sunday, May 22, 2005

The Shark Tank (Rough Cut)

Which I'm pleased to say, that tonight I'm swimming down to The Shark Tank on the dark end of 102 Ave, where the biggest fish in the water (that's a sly bait for the PJ Harvey fans) will be 7and7is. Which is not to say, so what? but what's really rolling down is Cadence Weapon. Which previous to the black-handed Weapon will be some female-fronted emo (I don't really know if they're emo, I just liked the sound of it) called Eyes Full of Stars, and opening, I've heard, some Birtle-less members of the Mark Birtles Project. Which is everybody, I believe, from the top down. Which, strike me David Brent for fake-friending all these names, I've got to come clean and say that 7and7is are just the odd mp3 rattling off my local shelf, and I'm prejudiced against the MBP just for the neverending coverage they get in the worst newspaper in the world. Which everybody knows is The Gateway down at the U of A, so bad I won't even link to it. Which I forgive that despicable rag for the good students working there, but despise for the rotten reactionary liberals who define plain low-down unreasoning ignorance in its flimsy pages. Which is a bit of a sidestep from 102 Ave, but I'm back on track, so stick with me, son, and put away your guns. Which it's going to be so good tonight, it's going to be better than girls, sir, it's gonna be origami! Fold it!

Which is a PS, nothing less, for Monday night, no, Tuesday night, nope, no, it's Wednesday, when I'll be posting another little story. Which'll be nothing fancy—spare prose and plain is what you get. Hey, it's what you get!

Reading: Hadrian the VII + Fr. Rolfe (Frederick Baron Corvo)
Monsoon Wedding soundtrack + everybody I never knew

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