Monday, May 30, 2005

Oh, But The Fire Went Wild

Cellphone buzz-dancing on the desk. I squint over at the alarm clock. Fat red numbers glowing hideously. 6:27. Blink. 6:27. Blink. Flip open the cell, see a brown-haired icon smiling at me. "Hello, Crystal," I say.

"My apartment!" she says, she's really upset. "You know, the one I'm moving into tomorrow?"


"It's burned down!"

It's morning, right? Early morning. I'm still tired, I just woke up. "What did you say?"

"Kelsi just phoned me. Her sister lives in the same complex. There was a fire. It's burned down!"

"You're kidding me!" I'm wide awake.

"I have the worst luck in the world," she wails.

"No, no," I reply. She has to move out of her current apartment by noon tomorrow.

"I do," she says, "Oh, I do."

Reading: Hydriotaphia, or, Urne-buriall + Sir Thomas Browne
"For Real" + Okkervil River

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