Sunday, May 08, 2005

Not Real, Not Yet

Music, of course (can one even think of the term "blog" without also thinking "music" or "mp3"?), and books. Or rather, words about music, and words, more words, about books. There is little else in life more important than these. The books, I mean, and the music, not the words. Oh, other people will tell you different, of course. These are fools, illiterates, tin ears pretending they have souls. They will say that music is an albatross, and a good book nothing more than a tedious lie. They will clamour about "real life" and "lasting relationships". You will not hear that garish nonsense here. Maybe these people are correct, but surely they are also wrong. Let us set ourselves against them (nothing shall bring us together closer than a common enemy). It is more likely than not that we are the wisest of our generation. You and I, we shall at least save our souls from the many black-helmeted firemen looming among our peers. We shall provide light to an admiring cast of contemporaries. We will build a railroad to mutual salvation. We will be heroes! And how we shall shine.

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sojourning crow said...

yea, can tell!!