Monday, December 12, 2005


I've been trying to build one house per week, 2700 sq ft, wiring, flooring, all of it. I've succeeded. To date, thirty-four houses. I've been trying to write a novel per month. So far, nine novels. I've looked into world peace, too. Expect to hear much celebration by about Wednesday next. But I just can't seem to stick to a regular blog schedule. Monday's post will be tomorrow, Tuesday. The usual pic, the usual song, the usual book and the usual personal. Oh my sons and daughters, yes, the week-end was very full.

Meanwhile, check out The 16mm Shrine. Ash is putting out the usual top-notch quality. Somebody give him a book-deal. And this kid (I've never met him, but a dude I first saw on the site showed me a picture of the kid) has one of the most intriguing photoblogs I've seen in a while. He's got some good pix of The Wolfnote up right now. Which reminds me (the pix thing) Absenter is still going strong. And a new site, Get Published Or Die Tryin, has some hilarious bits about the MFA process, including the line, "a dolphin punches frank conroy in frank conroy's face". I can live with that line. Also, Oprah is discussed. She's in bar and she's been rejected by the overweight white middle class housewives of the world. When this blog gets specific it doesn't mess around. Lastly, PolloxNiner has a new home, and she brought Feist. There's some new (depending on how you look at it) Vashti Bunyan, too.

Later, aviators.

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