Thursday, August 18, 2005

Popular Media For A $1000, Alex

A few years after her primetime television career fizzled, Marsha Brady stepped up to a successful seventh-inning stretch in le film biz merely by changing her name to Jared Leto.

Reading: There's a lot of good reasons to read the eleventh installment in the children's series pastiche by the elusive Lemony Snicket. The Grim Grotto was published sometime last autumn, I do believe, but I reread it again after coming across The Reluctant Champion's link to the Name-The-New-Lemony Snicket-Novel Contest. So, Reason Number One To Read Or Reread The Grim Grotto: The good guys' uniform is a wetsuit with a large picture of Herman Melville across the chest. R#2: The bad guys are dressed in wetsuits featuring the face of that once-household-name-but-now-extremely-obscure poet Edgar Guest. Is this a pun on the whole sea of literature thingy? Whatever. Threadless should get on the whole Herman Melville thing, though. R#3: Where else are you going to have the opportunity to read lines like, "Look at yourselves, orphans, snacking and reading poetry while the powerful and good-looking people of the world cackle in triumph". R#4: The Submarine Q and its Crew of Two actually has a crew (by my count) of three to six. R#5: Carmelita Spats will not stop calling people "Cakesniffer", and it's very satisfying to read what other characters think of her. Are these enough reasons? If they are, go stand in your local bookstore and browse through The Grim Grotto + Lemony Snicket

Listening: Rachel Stevens. It was a big question, I know. Existential questions like this haunt me. Why does jello taste so good, but jello powder taste like the bottom of the saltiest barrel? Why does my girlfriend believe I'm Jewish (k, she doesn't, but why not? what's wrong with her believing that?). Why do the masses buy tickets to movies they know Julia Stiles will be in? I have no answers for you. These are the X-Files, you understand? But that first question! I remembered. What is S Club 7, Alex? Back in the day, Rachel Stevens was just another bubble in the pop machine. She's still just a bubble, but she's a lot bigger of a bubble. The pop machine is a lot shinier, too, and sells more adult-themed beverages, like Red Bull and sexy-ness. Yes, sexy is a beverage. I thought "So Good" was the best of the bunch, but Fluxblog put his cash in the machine, and he's letting us have a taste of "I Said Never Again (But Here We Are)" + Rachel Stevens

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