Friday, July 22, 2005

The Pyramid-sided Cruise-ships Bell

Four more bombings? So what, exactly, does radical Islam think it will accomplish better than radical Catholicism? If the Irish couldn't break'em, what makes the Muslims think they can break up the Brits? St. George ALWAYS slays the dragon. I know (you know it, too) that the murderers think the UK is The Dragon. But I know different. Hey, reptiles eat their young, right? And I don't see the British blowing up their own to get back at Islam. Who's the monster, then? Whose the grendel?

Crystal tells me that every Wednesday the pyramid-sided cruise-ships bell their horns as they come into harbour at Puerta Vallarta. This world holds so many fragile valiants. I'm going to go see some of them now. Good-night.

Reading: The fourth part of Mere Christianity was originally published as a chapbook titled Beyond Personality. The chapbook is a firm foursquare declaration of clear consequences. Who, if he even exists, is God? Can't be put blunter than that. Lewis doesn't rely on himself for the answers. Instead, he centers himself firmly in religious tradition and writes Mere Christianity + Clive Staples Lewis

Listening: How many times has the Adolf Eichmann look-a-like in the corner told you that there's a right way to use failure, and there's a wrong way? As often a your mother? These paper cut-outs know how to use failure. They just found out. Huge and synthy and Franz Ferdinandy, that's what they are. And they're starting to sound very successful with "The Correct Use Of Failure" + CDOASS

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