Saturday, July 16, 2005

It Makes Me Smile And Keeps My Teeth Clean

Annie would be the perfect spokesman. You know how they can make those computer chips out of lasers now, right? Little bit of light and a few refractory molecules? What about installing a song on one of those chips, burying the pressure-activated chip inside a stick of gum, and hey, off you go, blowing pop-pop bubbles to "Hollaback Girl"? That's bananas! Wait, Radiohead would be an even better spokesman (spokesband?). We'd broadcast the sound over a little amped-up speaker in the packaging. Chewers would walk around with a little halo of music glowing around their heads. We're talking, what, a $900.00 dollar stick of gum here? Hey, iPods were a fortune once, too, I know you remember it. You'll all be thinking of me when this blows up big in the future.

J thinks this stuff should be called Soundbites. Crystal didn't act all that impressed. Everybody, sit down.

Reading: I forgot how to read over the week-end. I'm barely beginning to pick up the alphabet thing again. These vowels are killer, why don't people just draw pictures?

Listening: Down the hallway, past that girl wearing the new white high-tops, and duck over to the Audio/Video section. Bit old, and never (I think) got a proper release here in NA, but, come on, anything on the wicked keen 679 label bears repeated attention. Can you imagine what a destroyer DFA79 could hammer out of this? Or out of "Greatest Hit"? Or "Heartbeat"? Yes! Somebody inform the relevant parties! Quick, let's go back and watch "Chewing Gum" + Annie

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