Friday, February 10, 2006

The Greeks Had A Word For It

alpha: Like, I so much HATE when I phone someone, but their cement walls keep smothering the conversation with damn static, so I switch to text messaging, but their incoming text message cuts mine off, so I phone them again, but their damn land line interrupts my call and IT MAKES ME INSANE JUST CUT MY ARMS OFF CUT THEM.

beta: The bus is not a pleasant place. I prefer my car. My car, however, prefers the garage.

gamma: This guy has emailed me about the photos on this page. Yes, yes I do take these photos, that's what that site on the sidebar is all about, son. Buried in the archives, there are a couple of Raveonettes promo shots I clearly did not take, also a shot of a silhouetted statue which I did not shoot. Everything else is mine, the good AND the bad. Yes, and the ugly, too.

delta: Seriously, we're all recording Arrested Development tonight, right?

"Golden Days" + Smorgasbord Straight outta St. Albert, this one. Looks like local Smorgasbord is calling it quits, or that's what the lead singer said last week. So their final show is tonight, then, laces-out at Queen Alex. That's a lot of talent in one room. Smorgasbord is full of folkness and rocking, guitars and voices and a steady light beating across the field. Their songs are not cheerful, but they are strong. If their music built a man, that man would have straight shoulders, good posture, not a mouth for needless laughter.

Bookness posted over the week-end.

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