Friday, January 13, 2006

The London Library

I very badly want to be strolling down a London sidewalk and to perhaps turn in at 14 St. James Square, which is the address of the London Library. I would sit in Sir Thomas Carlyle's sofa (or perhaps it is his wife's sofa) and I would think about the English language, how wildly romantic words are. Afterwords, I would have a plain cup of tea in a sidewalk cafe. I would talk to no one and it would be wonderful. I would know only three people in the whole of London and I would spend an entire slightly-rainy afternoon or perhaps a warmish summer afternoon avoiding them in the well-lighted but very narrow aisles of the London Library.

I'll stick a picture in this post, but not right now. Later. The light, pictured here, is from Rutherford North, down at the University. The white desk, in the post below, is in Rutherford South. Monday should see the long-delayed resumption of regular posting on this blog. Les pictures + les books + les music + le etcetera. Have a nice week-end, my netminders. Lucky bugs win prizes.

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